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White & Brown Sugar
How much sugar concentration( Brix) is acceptable for diabetic people in beverages? Can I use normal table sugar in a diabetic friendly product? If yes, at what concentration (Brix)?
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Dear Dietician, I have Type 2 Diabetes. 1) Which product is better, Sucralose or Stevia? 2) Which product is more natural? 3) Which product is suitable for vegetarians and free from alcohol? Kind regards Chandra
Is Huletts sugar unrefined?
Hi Which of your products can be used as molasses, I am having some recipes which have molasses as an ingredient.
What are the symtons of diabetes?
Have cancer so have been told not to use too many sugars, so want to know if I can use EquiSweet but the green one (Sucralose)
Your website states that aspartame is safe, but the sachets I have just bought says aspartame free. Does this mean you have found out that aspartame is not safe. George
What is the difference between sucrose (table sugar) and fructose?
How do sugar and fructose compare in sweetness?
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Could you let me know whether the anti-caking agent in your icing sugar ( is vegan? I.e. is it made from plants, or does it contain anything that comes from animal origin? Many thanks!
What is Erythritol?
EquiSweet blue (Aspartame)
Please could you tell me if equisweet is gluten free? I am worried about the anti-caking agents.
What is the amount of Aspartame in each sachet and tablet of Equisweet (mg). In today's Eastern Province Herald (12 Dec. 2013), Aspartame has been found to be completely safe. However, the recommended daily intake is 40mg/kg of body weight.
What effect does Equisweet have on insulin?
I have read and heard that aspartame is toxic and is the cause of many diseases. Is this true?
What is fructose?
Does fructose provide energy (kilojoules)?
How are these sugars metabolized in the body?
Is there a difference in GI between these sugars?
Is fructose a safe sweetener for diabetics?
Is fructose a good source of energy for athletes?
Is there a link between fructose and obesity?
Is fructose a safe sweetener for children?
EquiSweet green (Sucralose)
May I use Sucralose sweetener although I am on a strict eating plan where I may not use sweeteners containing sugar?
My husband has allergy reaction with heart palpitations from aspartame products, so is sucralose a danger for him to take ?
I am concerned about the acceptable daily intake (ADI) for sucralose at 5mg/kg/day. How much sucralose is in each sachet or how many sachets can I safely consume if I weigh 60kg? I am currently limiting myself to 3 sachets.
What is sucralose in Equisweet Green?