Clean water for Eastern Cape School

A significant investment of R126 000 towards the installation of a much-needed roundabout play pump will ensure that clean drinking water will be accessible to pupils and staff at Mgwede Junior Secondary School in Eastern Cape.
The recent handover ceremony was attended by Tongaat Hulett (producers of Huletts sugar), the Department of Education, Mbizana Municipality, KwaMadiba Traditional Council as well as excited parents and community members.
Mgwede Junior Secondary School was established in 1980 with the assistance of Tongaat Hulett and community members. The school’s 13 classrooms accommodate 405 pupils and 14 teachers.  
Similar to the system of a windmill pump, the newly installed roundabout play pump works by using the energy of children at play to operate a water pump. Clean water and added fun at playtime is a win-win situation for these deserving pupils.