Beetroot is the flavour of the season in local and international trends, and this versatile vegetable can really brighten up your festive table.

Forget about grated beetroot salad in vinegar though - rather opt for chunky beetroot chutney served with cold meats and cheese, accompanied with a traditional Greek Salad - ideal for dining al fresco.

Why not make jars of your own beetroot preserve as deliciously original Christmas gifts?

In line with this trend, food magazines are filled with Beetroot and Mascarpone Cakes and as always, Huletts is at the forefront with a special recipe for you. Our cake testers have given this Beetroot and Mascarpone recipe rave reviews, and it's bound to become one of your favourites too.

We have so many sweet delights to enjoy here in South Africa. This is the time of year when lemon trees are heavy with fruit and they provide so many ways to sweeten your baking repertoire… Pickle them, squeeze them and make lemon syrup or curd, or mix the dried peel with Huletts White Sugar to make fabulously aromatic lemon-fl avoured sugar that will really add zest to your baking.

For a cool and refreshing break, you can also try our recipe for Lindy’s Homemade Lemonade.


and what better way to welcome in the end of a very busy year than with a little bit of sweetness?

This issue of Huletts SweetSpot is jampacked with treats so you can really add some sweetness to the lives of your friends, your family and – most importantly – yourself!

Scrumptious Summer Tarts make a pretty, light and delicious dessert that will add summer sparkle to your holiday table without adding stress. The pastry shells and filling can be made in advance and assembled just before serving, and they look fabulously festive. Add a sprinkling of Huletts Icing Sugar as the perfect final touch.

If you want to make Santa feel right at home, you could even add some dainty biscuit bells with coffee to end off the meal!

Late, lazy breakfasts are one of our favourite things about the holidays. For a tasty twist, make some flapjacks with bacon and maple syrup!

We know it sounds strange, but once you’ve tasted this magical combination, you won’t look back.

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> Summer Tarts > Lindy’s Lemonade
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> Beetroot Chutney > Summer Salad: A Traditional Greek Salad

Wishing you a happy, safe festive season and a sweet 2013!

Yours in sweetness
The Huletts Team

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