Domestic chef, Nigella Lawson has always said that to cook with passion you have to love eating and we agree! That’s why we enjoy sharing our tastiest recipes with you on our website.

With the weather warming up and our gardens becoming prettier by the day, it’s the perfect time to plan a spring lunch for family and friends over the weekend.
Lemon is hot right now....
Lemon flavours are hot (or cool!) at the moment and our irresistible Lemon Tart makes a lovely dessert or a special teatime treat.
The tastes of tomato!
Make our Homemade Tomato Sauce and use half to make a flavoursome Gazpacho that can be served as a complete light meal or a starter to a spring lunch. Serve the soup with hot crusty bread topped with melted mozzarella cheese and a sprinkling of black pepper.
Popcorn & marshmallow treats!
Popcorn and marshmallows are also trendy. Our Butterscotch Popcorn is a slightly softer version of the traditional brittle variety. Give your plain cupcakes a glamorous makeover and top with a little glacé icing and decorate generously with butterscotch popcorn. Not only delicious, but a novel treat!

Making marshmallows is slightly more challenging, but it’s a bit like riding a bicycle; once you master it, it becomes child’s play! Try our delicious Coconut Marshmallows.
Good old pickling....
Pickling is a skill carried over from generation to generation. It is a very practical form of food preservation and has been elevated to a skilled form of art. Huletts have joined forces with the South African Women’s Agricultural Union and compiled a winning recipe book – Preserves, A South African Favourite. In this edition of SweetSpot, we feature a tasty Pear and Chilli Pickle recipe.
It makes a perfect accompaniment to cold meat and cheese or mix it into a green salad and serve at your next braai.

Serve them jam!
Berries are in season now so why not try your hand at making jam. Our Raspberry Jam takes only a few minutes and is flop free and delicious. Serve on scones or toast or make a fabulous Raspberry Jam Strudel and serve with ice cream or cream.
Huletts was proud to be a sponsor of the Good Housekeeping Celebrity Bake Star reader event
held in Cape Town on the 20th of August. Guests enjoyed a morning of great company and a selection of both local and international celebrities' favourite baked recipes.

Two well known local celebrity chefs delighted guests with hands on demonstrations. Jenny Morris baked her old time favourite carrot cake and also shared baking tips. Roxanne Floquet shared her tips and tricks on how to decorate cakes and biscuits using Huletts Icing Sugar.

During the event, Huletts demonstrated its extensive product offering by showcasing delectable high tea cakes and treats, and a beautiful three-tier cake, for all the guests to enjoy.
Recipes in this edition:Happy family time to you all!

Yours in indulgence
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