Non-Nutritive(Artificial Sweetener) Sweeteners

At Huletts, we have dedicated ourselves to producing top quality sugar for over 120 years. This has given us the expertise to provide the same great taste that consumers have come to expect from Huletts in a variety of sweetening formats – including low-kilojoule options.

Huletts Non-nutritive(Artificial Sweetener) Sweeteners

In response to health and wellness trends, as well as increasing rates of diabetes and obesity, Huletts has created Huletts EquiSweet and Huletts SUGAlite, providing delicious, low-kilojoule alternatives to slimmers, diabetics and health conscious consumers alike.

The perfect apple pie, scrumptious freshly baked scones, a creamy, dreamy milkshake... all of these can be created using Huletts SUGAlite. While replacing sugar gram-for-gram, Huletts SUGAlite also replaces a portion of the butter or oil required, further decreasing that guilt trip and helping you to keep an eye on your family’s health.

Huletts EquiSweet, now available in Huletts EquiSweet Classic and Huletts EquiSweet with Sucralose (aspartame-free) variants, is a popular low-kilojoule sweetener that is perfect for tea, coffee, fruit, cereals and yoghurts. Sucralose is derived from sugar but contains no kilojoules, so you can enjoy its delicious sweet taste.

All Huletts products are healthy in moderation – so even if you opt for a Huletts non-nutritive(Artificial Sweetener) sweetener, make sure you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to maintain optimum health!