Huletts SUGAlite

Huletts SUGAlite is a Low-GI, reduced kilojoule sweetener for replacing sugar in baking. See our Huletts SUGAlite recipes here. It contains less than half the kilojoules of table sugar and has no bitter aftertaste.

Huletts SUGAlite is endorsed by GIFSA (GI Foundation of South Africa) and Diabetes South Africa, and was awarded the prestigious Symrise/Food Review "Best New Product" title in 2004.

Unlike many other sweeteners on shelf, Huletts SUGAlite replaces both the sweetness and functionality of sugar, which is normally lost when substituting sugar with an artificial sweetener in baking. Huletts SUGAlite ensures a golden brown colour, good crumb structure, and soft mouth feel.

Huletts SUGAlite is the answer to baked goods that are just as tasty as if made with regular sugar, yet low in kilojoules, low in fat and with a low GI rating. Huletts SUGAlite is suitable for diabetics and slimmers and enables home industries, restaurants, hotels and B&Bs to cater for today’s health-conscious consumer.

Huletts SUGAlite is not fully metabolised, as it behaves like fibre in the body, and therefore does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. It also replaces fat in any recipe by at least 50%.

Huletts SUGAlite

Available in the following sizes:

  • 25kg

  • 1kg

Storage Requirements:

Store in a sealed container in cool, dry conditions.

More facts about Huletts SUGAlite

While sugar contains 320 kilojoules / 76 kilocalories per 20 gram serving, Huletts SUGAlite only contains 140 kilojoules / 33 kilocalories per 20 gram serving.

Huletts SUGAlite acts as a semi-fat replacer. 30-50% of the fat can be taken out of batter recipes and replaced with fat free milk or yoghurt.

There are no health hazards linked to using Huletts SUGAlite, however, because Huletts SUGAlite behaves like fibre in the body, excessive consumption may cause gastric discomfort (flatulence or have a laxative effect).

Has a low Glycaemic Index (G.I.)

The G.I. is a ranking of foods based on their immediate effect on blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Foods containing carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion have the highest G.I. Their blood sugar response is fast and high. Carbohydrates that breakdown slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream, have a low G.I. (below 55).

  • Low G.I. means a smaller rise in blood sugar and can help control established diabetes
  • Low G.I. diets can help people lose weight and lower blood lipids
  • Low G.I. diets can improve the body's sensitivity to insulin

Has a reduced kilojoule value

Type II diabetes can be controlled entirely with diet and exercise and patients often need to lower their total body fat and triglycerides. By consuming fewer calories the body will burn fat as energy. Huletts SUGAlite has a lower total kilojoule value than a conventional carbohydrate and therefore offers a kilojoule reduction in baked goods compared to other food components. Huletts SUGAlite, on average contains less than half the kilojoules of other food components.

Huletts SUGAlite5.96kJ/g
Organic acids13kJ/g

Side effects

There are no side effects from eating Huletts SUGAlite, except that it behaves as a fibre and products made using Huletts SUGAlite should be eaten in moderation to avoid a laxative effect.

Properties of Huletts SUGAliteFunction
SweetenerThe heat stable non-nutritive sweeteners in Huletts SUGAlite replace the sweetness of the "removed" sugar
HumectantMaintains moisture
Bulking AgentReplaces solids and improves texture
Maillard BrowningDevelops colour
Replaces some fat and all the sugarBulk, colour, taste, mouth feel, crumb structure, anti-staling
Reduces kilojoulesBy reducing fat it has a lower kilojoule value
TexturiserImproves volume, crumb and cell structure
Increases starch gelatinisationPromotes peak viscosity and set temperature
Reduces water activityDecreases microbial activity

Huletts SUGAlite

Huletts SUGAlite is a powdered baking blend made up of:

Acesulfame-KPotassium salt, heat stable sweetener.
Sodium CyclamateHeat stable sweetener.
PolydextroseHydrogenated glucose polymer, gives a brown colour to baked goods and acts as a humectant. Adds mouthfeel and gives crumb structure. Retards staling.
IsomaltReduces energy content and GI while retaining sugar-like functional properties.
Microcrystalline celluloseFibre, prevents caking of powder.

Many recipes have been developed using Huletts SUGAlite, however even conventional existing recipes can be adapted with the following guidelines:

  1. Omit the sugar and replace with the Huletts SUGAlite in the same quantity in grams.
  2. Omit or greatly reduce the fat (in the case of biscuits some fat is needed, up to ⅔ of your fat may be removed).
  3. Add the Huletts SUGAlite with your dry ingredients and proceed with the recipe as usual. (If added to fat or eggs, make sure it is folded in carefully and slowly.)

Huletts SUGAlite can be added to a dry mix, in the same way as sugar with only minor adjustments, of the formulation. Huletts SUGAlite can also be creamed with margarine.

Nutritional Information:Per 100 Grams:Per 0.05g Serving:
Energy (kJ)698-
Protein (g)00
Total Fat (g)00
Saturated Fat00
Trans Fat (g)00
Total Sodium (mg)00

When using Huletts SUGAlite in your own recipes:

  1. Replace the quantity of sugar in your recipe with the same quantity of Huletts SUGAlite in grams (see our Conversion Table below).
  2. Make sure you add Huletts SUGAlite to your dry ingredients or cream with any fat in the recipe (if it is a wet mix, sieve and fold in the Huletts SUGAlite very slowly).
  3. Replace all/some of the fat in your recipe with water or low fat yoghurt.
  4. Carry out the recipe as usual.

Conversion Table

This table will assist you in converting your favourite recipe from sugar to the equivalent Huletts SUGAlite, using either grams or millilitre measurements

96ml82g82g120 ml
104ml88g88g130 ml
120ml102g102g150 ml
136ml116g116 g170ml
152ml129 g129g190ml


Please note that Huletts SUGAlite behaves like a fibre in the body and in excess may cause a laxative effect. So be careful with your portions. No more than 35g per day is recommended. (A slice/biscuit or two of your favourite treats should be fine.