Bbq Ribs

Makes enough marinade for 1.5kg - 2kg ribs


1 rack of ribs (800g – 1kg), parboiled in seasoned water (can be beef, mutton or pork)




250 ml (1 cup) Cola fizzy drink

60 ml (¼ cup) Huletts Molasses

60 ml (¼ cup) tomato sauce

5 ml (1 t) garlic, crushed

3 ml (½ t) salt

3 ml (½ t) ground black pepper

3 ml (½ t) mixed herbs

  1. Pre boil the rack of ribs in seasoned water for approximately 30 minutes while gently boiling.
  2. Place the Cola fizzy drink in a bowl, add all the remaining ingredients and gently whisk until the Huletts molasses has dissolved.
  3. Place the rack of pre boiled ribs on a grill pan.
  4. Carefully spoon or brush the marinade over the ribs, a little at a time ensuring that the surface of the meat is covered.
  5. Place the grill pan under the grill in the oven, keep applying the marinade at intervals, until the surface is sticky and golden.
  6. Turn the rack of ribs over and repeat the application of marinade while grilling the underside.
  7. Serve with chips, garlic bread or salad.

Additional spices and herbs can be added according to your taste.