Hot Chocolate



125ml Boiling water
15 ml Cocoa powder
65ml Low Fat Milk
65ml Skimmed Milk
1-2 Sachets Huletts EquiSweet
1ml Vanilla Essence
Cocoa for dusting



  1. Pour the boiling water into a saucepan and dissolve the cocoa powder in it.
  2. Heat gently on the stove and add the low fat milk
  3. When the mixture starts to bubble on top, stir continuously using a whisk, until it starts to boil, pour into a cup or mug.
  4. Remove from stove and add the EquiSweet and vanilla essence and stir.
  5. Froth the skim milk in a milk frother.
  6. Pile onto the hot chocolate in the mug.
  7. Serve with a dusting of cocoa.