Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Makes ±24 cupcakes

Recipe by Danielle Postma, Moemas Patisserie
±24 x plain vanilla cupcakes (shop bought or see our recipe here)
120 ml lemon curd (shop bought or see our recipe here)
Meringue Topping
260 g (325 ml) Huletts Castor Sugar
4 extra-large egg whites
pinch of salt
  1. Cut out a small section on top of each cupcake and fill with a teaspoon of lemon curd.
  2. For the meringue topping, place the castor sugar, egg whites and salt in a Bain Marie with gently boiling water. Mix well to evenly blend.
  3. Once the sugar mix dissolves (reaches just above body temperate) remove from heat and whisk on highest speed. Once the mixture is stiff it’s ready to use. Place in a piping bag with a 1cm round nozzle.
  4. Pipe the meringue in a round swirl on top of each cupcake. 
  5. Use a blow torch to brown the tops slightly (you can also place them on a baking tray under the grilling element of the oven under constant supervision.)