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The History of Huletts

While South Africa's favourite sugar brand has a proud heritage, its beginnings were rather humble.

It all began in 1857, when the young James Liege Hulett, just short of his nineteenth birthday, set sail from England in search of his fortune. He landed in Durban almost four months later, having spent on his fare 20 of the 25 pounds sterling he had borrowed from an uncle.

With only high hopes and a fiver in his pocket, he had no way of knowing that he was destined to establish one of South Africa's most recognisable brands - one that would still carry his name more than a century later.

In 1907, the older, possibly wiser, James Hulett founded the Amatikulu Sugar Mill, which crushed some 7 000 tons of cane in its first season. In 1910, a large central refinery was established in Durban to process raw sugar from mills besides Hulett's own.

From small beginnings, Huletts grew to become a powerful feature of the South African economic landscape. Sugar has been manufactured under the brand name Huletts since 1892, embodying over a century of experience that is continued to this day by Tongaat Hulett Sugar South Africa Ltd.

In 1996, Tongaat Hulett Sugar South Africa Ltd broadened its range of both products and services when it purchased Cape Sweeteners from CPC Tongaat Foods. The acquisition enabled Huletts to offer a variety of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners. Today, Huletts offers a total sweetening solution under one trusted brand name.