Food Gardens Feed Community


Home based food gardens, established in 2016 by Tongaat Hulett, have been providing much needed food resources to Mbongolwane households whom have been challenged with food shortages due to the drought. 



The gardens have also helped community members generate incomes from the sale of their produce, particularly beans and butternut, to neighbours and surrounding communities.  



The project was initiated following the successful sugarcane development programmes in the area. It consists of 55 food security gardens, made up of members from the Thathunyawo, Manyazini, Sakhindela, Inhlalamnyango, Isidipha, Kholweni, Vuma, Nxusa, Lethukuthula, Mbaleka and Isiphezi cooperatives. 



In partnership with an independent consultant, Douglas Strachan, and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Tongaat Hulett has been providing onsite training for the community members and advising them about other programmes and funding available within government.

Tongaat Hulett will continue to invest in the food security programme so that it may become a viable intervention within various communities.