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What's Cooking?

These days, life is all about change – the food we eat, the products on our supermarket shelves and there’s a constant stream of new research and information. If you’re a savvy consumer (and we know most of you are!) you’ll want to read the latest in health and nutrition, as well as new product innovations and global industry trends.

Step into the Huletts Media Room for a quick read and find out what’s happening in our world.

From breaking news on new additions to the Huletts range of sugars, syrups and sweeteners to big industry announcements, as well as our community and social investment initiatives, you’ll find it here! You can also get the latest news about Huletts users, our advertising, events, sponsorships, personal stories and more.

The Huletts Media Room is changing all the time, so keep popping back to get the latest scoop!