Characteristics and properties

Chemical Class:Dipeptide ester (amino acid)
Relative Sweetness:200 times sweeter than sugar
Taste:Rounded high quality sweetness similar to sugar
Stability:Good in dry mix products; could be affected by pH and temperatures in aqueous applications
Solubility:Moderate solubility being dependent on pH and temperature
ADI:40mg/kg body weight
Approval:Widely approved internationally, including the European Community, the USA and many African countries
Applications:Soft drinks
Dairy products
Pharmaceutical products
Dry mix products
Tabletop sweeteners
Fruit-based products
Advantages:Excellent sugar-like taste
95% kilojoule saving when replacing sugar
Tooth friendly
Suitable for diabetics
Flavour enhancer
Synergistic with other sweeteners
Widely approved internationally
Complementary with fruit flavours

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