Cape Sweeteners

Cape Sweeteners, a division of Tongaat Hulett Sugar South Africa Ltd, specialises in the development and manufacture of intense sweetener blends, bulking agents and complete sweetening systems for a variety of industries.

At Cape Sweeteners, our state-of-the-art technology, coupled with global resources, gives us a real advantage in a competitive market. Our people are our strength. Through their collective skills and expertise, we are able to offer our clients a flexible service, meeting unique and special demands wherever possible.


A few of the advantages we offer our customers:
  • Products of high quality - no generics
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Network of technical resources and expertise
  • Cost-saving solutions
  • Exclusive access to nutritive and non-nutritive blends


Increased awareness of the importance of nutrition and health concerns raised due to obesity have increased the demand for low kilojoule products that provide the same quality sweetness as sugar.

The growing trend towards the production and consumption of low kilojoule products includes soft drinks, yoghurts, dairy desserts, fruit-based products, tabletop sweeteners, chewing gum, confectionery and pharmaceuticals.

Sucrose is considered to be the ideal role model for sweetness and the more the sweetener tastes like sucrose, the better. No single non-nutritive sweetener can achieve this ideal, but when blended together, a synergy occurs which results in an enhanced taste profile, improved sweetness quality and cost savings.

Sweeteners serve a number of purposes. They:
  • Increase the food and beverage choices for those who want to control their intake of calories, carbohydrates or specific sugars.
  • Assist weight control or reduction.
  • Aid the management of diabetes.
  • Aid the prevention of dental caries.
  • Enhance the acceptability of pharmaceutical products.
  • Provide cost-saving solutions for certain formulations.

Sweetener Range

The range of sweeteners we use includes: