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Huletts Crystalline Fructose

Characteristics and properties

Chemical Class: Sugar (keto-hexose reducing sugar)
Relative Sweetness: Approximately 1.5 times sweeter than sugar
Taste: Light and clean, similar to sucrose
Stability: Good under pH and shear conditions
Solubility: High solubility
Safety: Safe/healthy image
Approval: Widely approved internationally
Applications: Soft drinks
Dairy products
Baked goods
Pharmaceutical products
Sports beverages
Desserts/ice cream
Fruit-based products
Tabletop sweeteners

Advantages: Excellent sweetening and flavour-enhancing properties
High solubility in water
Depresses freezing point
Humectant properties
Synergistic with other sweeteners
Suitable for diabetics (insulin dependent metabolism)
Maillard reaction, i.e. undergoes browning and flavour development

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