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Huletts Golden Syrup

Huletts Golden Syrup is available in a 25kg pack – the perfect size for the catering and hospitality industry. Huletts Golden Syrup is made from pure cane sugar and offers a rich colour and robust flavour.

Huletts Golden Syrup makes an excellent topping and can be used on pancakes, flapjacks, toast, waffles and scones. It can also be used as a mouth-watering ingredient in dessert and sauce recipes. As an ingredient, Huletts Golden Syrup mixes easily, improves product texture and shelf life, retains moisture and has preserving properties.

Huletts Golden Syrup

Available in the following size:
  • 25kg drum

Huletts Golden Syrup 25kg packs are available at major wholesalers and catering wholesalers.

Storage Requirements:

Store at room temperature.