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Flavoured Icing

Huletts Flavoured Icing Sugar

Let your imagination run wild and dream up magical creations with the wonderland of flavours in Huletts Strawberry, Chocolate and Cappuccino flavoured icing sugars.

The sweetness is so simple! Each pack includes two creative icing nozzles, a disposable piping bag, and enough icing sugar to make icing that covers a gorgeous standard-sized cake or a dozen cupcakes in your chosen flavour.

Which is your favourite flavour?

Chocolate Flavoured Icing Sugar

Chocolate icing is always a winner, and Huletts Chocolate Flavoured Icing Sugar makes it even easier to whip up this timeless favourite! It’s perfect for chocolate cakes and cupcakes. Also, it makes the best chocolate flavoured milk! One pack of icing sugar… endless possibilities!

Strawberry Flavoured Icing Sugar

When you’re looking for a sweet icing treat, Strawberry Flavoured Icing Sugar will melt hearts every time! There are so many ways to add strawberry sweetness to your day: make some delicious strawberry flavoured milk, ice a batch of strawberry cupcakes, or try some creative strawberry icing kisses as colourful decorations. Yum!

Cappuccino Flavoured Icing Sugar

Sweet but sophisticated, cappuccino is a great icing option for the whole family! Cappuccino icing is great on cakes, cupcakes for afternoon teas, desserts, and of course it’s the perfect sweet fix to enjoy with that cup of coffee! Just like its chocolate and strawberry friends, Cappuccino Flavoured Icing Sugar is extremely easy to use and is the “icing on the cake” for gift cakes and special occasions.



Every pack contains a
FREE disposable piping bag
with 2 nozzles