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Characteristics and properties

Chemical Class:Sugar alcohol (disaccharide – hydrogenated maltose)
Relative Sweetness:It has 75–90% of the sweetness of sugar
Taste:High sweetness
Stability:Exhibits negligible cooling effect (positive heat of solution) in comparison with other sugar alcohols, and is very similar to the subtle cooling effect of sucrose
Solubility:Highly soluble
Safety:Safe, but because of its slow absorption, excessive consumption can have a laxative effect and sometimes cause flatulence and/or bloating. In countries like Australia, Norway and New Zealand, it carries the mandatory
Approval:In the United States, it is a Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) substance, with a recommendation to warn consumers about its laxative potential when consumed at levels of 100 grams per day or more
Applications:Sugarless hard candies
Chewing gum
Baked goods
Ice cream
Tabletop sweeteners
Advantages:It has nearly the identical properties of sugar, except for browning
More slowly absorbed than sugar so it has a somewhat lesser effect on blood glucose
Suitable for diabetics
Low in kilojoules per gram
Tooth friendly
High solubility in water

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