Huletts Polydextrose

Characteristics and properties

Chemical Class: Randomly linked polymer of glucose (thermal polymerization of glucose)
Relative Sweetness: Not sweet
Taste: Bland
Stability: Stable under food manufacturing conditions, i.e. baking
Solubility: Soluble at ambient temperatures with light agitation
Safety: Safe
ADI: Not specified (the safest category allocated by JECFA)
Approval: Widely approved internationally
Applications: Frozen dairy desserts and mixes
Baked goods
Sweet sauces
Chewing gum
Salad dressings
Puddings and fillings
Peanut spreads
Confections and frostings
Fruit spreads

Advantages: Low calorie bulking agent
Maillard reaction, i.e. undergoes browning and flavour development
Partial fat replacer
Tooth friendly
Suitable for diabetics

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