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Huletts Standard Sachets

Our free flowing, quick dissolving Huletts White Sugar and Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar are available in convenient 6g standard sachets. Each sachet is completely sealed and individually wrapped, offering total hygiene and superb portion control. The sachets also help prevent spillage and wastage.

The motivational quotes printed on the reverse panel of the Huletts 6g standard sachets have helped to build the strong emotional value consumers place on the Huletts brand. People in restaurants and canteens are often observed getting a daily dose of Huletts inspiration.

Huletts standard sachets are sold in economical 12kg cartons and are available at all major wholesalers, catering wholesalers or amenity suppliers.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Huletts White Sugar 6g - 12kg carton - 2000 servings per pack
  • Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar 6g - 12kg carton - 2000 servings per pack

Storage Requirements:

Store in a cool place and off concrete floors.