Marshmallow Sauce

Makes about 500ml


200ml ( ¾ cup) Huletts White Sugar
15ml (1T) Huletts Golden Syrup

60ml (4T) Milk
250g Marshmallows, chopped
30ml (2T) Water
5ml (1t) Vanilla Essence


  1. Combine the sugar, golden syrup and milk in a heavy saucepan, stirring over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil and then simmer gently for 5 minutes.
  2. Place marshmallows and water in the top of a double boiler and heat, stirring frequently until melted.
  3. Pour sugar mixture over marshmallows, beating well. Add the vanilla essence.
Serving Suggestions: Serve hot or cold over ice cream, baked apples, poached pears or peaches, or with fresh fruit salad.

Note: Sauce may be reheated in a double boiler. Beat before serving.