Green Fig Preserve



green figs
lime (available from chemists)
Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar
a few cloves
pieces of stick cinnamon
lemon juice
fresh root ginger

For 1,5 kg figs you would need:
1,5 kg Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar
950 ml water
500 g extra sugar
750 ml extra water



  1. Select figs which are plump but not hollow inside.
  2. Scrape or grate the figs to remove the outer peel, or peel thinly and make two incisions in a cross shape at the bottom end of each fig.
  3. Weigh the fruit.
  4. Soak overnight in a solution of lime or bicarbonate of soda (15 ml lime or 30 ml bicarbonate of soda per 3,4 litres water).
  5. Rinse the fruit, place in boiling water and boil for about 15 minutes until tender.
  6. Use the same water to make the syrup.
  7. Press the water out and gradually place the figs in the boiling syrup.
  8. Use 500 g sugar for every 500 g fruit, and 375 ml water for every 200 g sugar.
  9. Add a few cloves, pieces of stick cinnamon or crushed root ginger and 45 to 60 ml lemon juice for every 3 kg fruit, if preferred.
  10. Boil rapidly for about 2 hours until the fruit is clear and translucent, and the syrup has thickened.
  11. Prepare 1,5 litres extra syrup to add if necessary.
  12. Pack the figs in clean sterilized jars, fill with the syrup and seal.