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Fancy Sugars

Hints and Tips for Huletts Cubes and Crystals

  • Cookie Sparkle: Make a royal icing by beating 1 egg white until foamy. Gradually beat in 750ml of sifted Huletts Icing Sugar, beating well after each addition. Add 5ml of lemon juice and beat until stiff. Dribble onto the cookie and then sprinkle with Huletts Coloured Sugar Crystals.

  • Champagne Cocktail: Add a Huletts Sugar Cube soaked in a few drops of bitters to make a classic Champagne Cocktail. Place the cube at the base of the Champagne glass, drop in a thin curl of lemon peel and top off with Champagne or sparkling wine

  • Belgian Orange Coffee: Rub the outside of a Huletts Sugar Cube with a lightly grated orange, infusing the cube with oils from the zest of the orange. Pour hot coffee into 4 large mugs, add sugar cubes and a drop of vanilla essence. Stir to combine. Top with whipped cream. Garnish with orange zest and cinnamon sprinkled on top.

  • Apple Extravaganza: For an extra sparkle to toffee apples, sprinkle with toffee apples with Huletts Sugar Crystals before the toffee coating hardens.

  • Colourful Cupcakes: Top cupcake batter with Huletts Sugar Crystals before baking, for extra colour and crunch.

  • Strawberry Tulips: Cut a cross in a strawberry lengthways, Pipe sweetened cream inside and sprinkle Huletts Coloured Sugar Crystals over.

  • Shake It Up: Add sparkle to an ice cream or milkshake, with a sprinkle of Huletts Sugar Crystals.

  • Let Them Eat Cake: Use a stencil to create pretty Huletts Sugar Crystals shapes, on cakes and cupcakes. Try hearts, stars or even letters.

  • Marvelous Macaroons: Brush your macaroons with beaten egg white and roll in Huletts Sugar Crystals for added flair.

  • The Cherry on Top: For cocktails and summer drinks, place a cocktail cherry on a tooth pick & roll in Huletts Sugar Crystals for an interesting party theme and pizzazz