Orange Wheels

Makes 32 wheels



4 large oranges with thin skins
500ml (400g) Huletts White Sugar
500ml cold water
40ml lemon juice



  1. Wash the oranges.
  2. Peel every orange parallel with the segments in eight even sized wedges: do not break the orange peel when you peel the oranges. Remove as much of the white peel as possible without breaking the orange peel.
  3. Roll every piece up like a coil and, using a needle and thread string the coils together like a string of beads. Tie the two ends of the thread together.
  4. Place the string in a pot and cover with cold water. Quickly bring to the boil. Drain the hot water, cover with cold water and quickly bring to the boil again. Reduce the heat and simmer the peels until soft (if you can push a match through the peel then it is soft enough). Drain and discard the water.
  5. Heat the Huletts White Sugar, water and lemon juice in a pot until boiling. Place the cooked peels in the syrup and simmer for 20 - 30 minutes until the peels are soft and the syrup thick. Leave to cool.
  6. Place the peels in a jar and pour over the syrup. Seal and store in a dark place.

Serving suggestion: With pork, cheese or on toast.