Rugby Ball Cake



Double quantity of Basic Sponge Cake ingredients

1kg packet Huletts Icing Sugar
500g butter
5ml vanilla essence
green and yellow food colouring
melted chocolate (optional)



  1. Cut square cakes in half and sandwich three layers together with plain icing. (Keep the fourth half for small iced cakes or freeze for later use.)
  2. Cut the corners from the cake, and gradually cut the cake to form an oval rugby-ball shape.
  3. Spread the entire cake with plain icing using a flat-bladed knife (dip the blade into hot water for a smooth icing finish).
  4. Pipe the stripes on the rugby ball as seen on the picture using a icing bag fitted with a plain nozzle or use a knife.
  5. Pipe the word 'Rugby' on the ball with melted chocolate.