Welcome to the Huletts Family

Huletts is proud to be part of the South African family and we’ve been making every day sweeter for more than 120 years! We’ve shared some special moments, crazy family gatherings, sunny braais and brilliant birthday parties, and we’ve been there when you need a sweet bit of space with your cup of tea…

In fact, whether you’re craving sweet coffee without the kilojoules, creating the world’s coolest cupcakes with your kids or baking a work of art, Huletts has the perfect sweetening solutions for you.

South Africans use more than 1.5 million tons of sugar each year and we’re proud to be our nation’s oldest and best-loved brand, but although we’re known for our core range of white and brown sugar, Huletts is so much more than just sugar! We keep track of global and local trends, but most importantly, we listen to YOU to ensure that our range is always filled with the products that meet your needs.

The Huletts range includes our core white and brown sugars and all the speciality products that you see on store shelves, such as EquiSweet, syrups and speciality brown sugars, as well as a wide range of catering and industrial products – both nutritive and non-nutritive. Click here to read more about our industrial range and find out which everyday products could contain Huletts sweetness!


Convenience, variety, user-friendliness and value are essential to all of our new product developments and we have launched a number of firsts in the South African market.

More recently, we launched EquiSweet with Stevia Plant Extract and we’re not stopping there… Stay tuned for even more exciting sweetening solutions in the coming months!

Huletts also recognises that we all need balance in our lives, so our innovations include fun treats like Flavoured Icing Sugar in three delicious flavours and a mouth-watering array of syrups!

Making every day sweeter also means making our products easy to use, store and carry, so many of our packs are resealable or are available in a range of sizes.

While our range will always be changing and growing to meet your needs, the things that won’t change are our quality, consistency, value and delicious taste!

Pure Quality

Huletts has once again been named an Icon Brand in the 2014/15 TGI survey*, and has achieved 3rd place overall. Huletts also won the Sugar and Sweetener Category, as well as the Icing Sugar Category. This is an incredible achievement and we are so proud to be one of the sweetest brands in history.

The Icon Brands Survey is conducted annually by TGI and is the largest of its kind in South Africa; covering 8000 brands across 165 product categories. The survey goes beyond perceptions, showing the brands that consumers love and trust.

Times are tough and we all want to know that we’re getting good value for our money! The longstanding quality and consistency of the Huletts name, along with its position as South Africa's No. 1 sugar brand, gives this assurance.

Huletts quality and integrity is also backed by a number of accreditations.

  • The entire Durban refinery carries ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • Liquid Sugar and Fructose plants are certified by HACCP (SANS 10330:2007) – an SABS body.
  • Maidstone Mill’s packaging and laboratory sections are ISO 9001:2008 certified and the packaging plant is HACCP – (SANS 10330:2007) compliant.
  • The vast majority of Huletts products also carry Halaal, Hindu and Kosher accreditation, ensuring that all South Africans can enjoy the sweetness of the Huletts range.

Making a Difference

Huletts is an authentically South African brand and all of our products are produced locally. There is a company-wide commitment to making a sustainable difference through local development and job creation and we are involved in a number of social investment initiatives, focusing on education and skills development.

These include:

  • Edu-Self, an adult education initiative in which Huletts sponsors a Baking for Profit guide
  • A student upliftment project, in partnership with Moirs, teaching high school learners to use baking as an entrepreneurial tool
  • Lapdesks for schools that do not have desks – in 2010, we are donating 11 000 lapdesks valued at R1 million
  • Durban Surf Lifesaving Club training and equipment

For more information on social investment and transformation, please visit the Tongaat Hulett Sugar South Africa Ltd Website www.tongaat.co.za