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When the cake rises to a point and collapses or when the cake crust cracks:

  • The mixture was beaten too much.
  • The batter was too stiff
  • Ensure thorough mixing of ingredients by mixing to the bottom of the bowl
  • The oven temperature was too high
  • The cake tin was too deep
  • Ingredients should be at room temperature, such as milk and eggs.
  • To ensure an evenly risen cake the batter must be carefully spread to the sides of the tin
  • The batter was too thin – too much liquid
  • The proportions of sugar, fat, raising agent or liquid were too high.
  • The oven temperature was too low or the oven door was opened too soon
  • The cake could have been removed before it was cooked

When the top of the cake has a speckled crust:

  • The sugar was too coarse and did not dissolve properly – the use of white sugar in place of castor sugar
  • The mixture could have been overbeaten, causing the air bubbles to dry out on the surface.

Good luck with your flop-less baking!