At Huletts, we believe in growing a sweet future, filled with optimism and opportunity for all South Africans. As a Proudly South African business, we are committed to seeing that future become a reality. But just as the rich soils and rains of South Africa provide the fertile nurturing our sugar needs to thrive; we believe that South Africa’s future needs nurturing too.

At Huletts we believe we’re growing more than just sugar.

We are growing a sweet future for all South Africans.

Growing a Sweet Future is our commitment to a better tomorrow and embraces three core pillars:

A Sweet Future for our planet
A Sweet Future for our country
A Sweet Future for our communities


Growing a sweet future means committing to a transformed future where economic growth is fueled by the empowerment of previously disadvantaged South Africans; a future where opportunity and hope are shared equally.

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Growing a sweet future means committing to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future.



Growing a sweet future means committing to the upliftment and development of the communities in which we operate, for they are the heart and soul of our farming endeavors. Through our own initiatives and collaborations with key partners, we are committed to positive and impactful community development. Focus projects include feeding schemes for the most vulnerable, Covid-19 awareness campaigns, distribution of hygiene supplies and sanitizers and education programs targeted at combating gender-based violence.

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