Welcome to the world of Huletts, where every day is made sweeter!

For more than 131 years, Huletts Sugar has been grown in the rich South African soil, tended by proud South African farmers and nourished by the golden sun & gentle rains of South Africa.

Huletts Sugar is Proudly South African.

Take a look at our delicious recipes, there is something for everyone – from family gatherings to special events. Explore our product pages to find a sweetening solution for your every need.

A little Huletts sweetness goes a long way

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White & Brown Sugar

No matter what the occasion, Huletts Sugar has a sweetening solution for you. Use some Huletts White Sugar as a sweetener in foods, beverages and baking. Sprinkle some Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar on hot beverages, home brewing, canning, over cereals and porridge.

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​Speciality Sugar

Huletts Speciality Brown Sugars are ideal for flavour and colour enhancement in various recipes such as baked fruit cakes and biscuits, homebrewed or ginger beer as well as preserves such as pickles and chutney.

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Huletts Sweeteners

The Huletts EquiSweet range reduces your kilojoule intake without compromising on the great taste of Huletts Sugar. EquiSweet tube sachets and tablets are available in Classic and the aspartame-free variant, Sucralose.

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Huletts Baking Sugars

Huletts Baking Sugars are ideal for baking and icing various types of confectionaries. These products can be used on sponge cakes, light & fluffy mousses, meringues, smooth & creamy desserts, recipes with fine crumb textures and many other baked goods.

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Huletts Catering Sugars

Huletts, South Africa’s No.1 Sugar Brand, with a proud reputation for quality and excellence, offers a wide range of catering sugars and low-kilojoule EquiSweet sweeteners in line with our commitment to delivering the best sweetness in every format.

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Huletts Industrial Sugars

We offer a wide variety of bulk sugar and sweetener products to manufacturers throughout Southern Africa. The catering range consists of sugar sachets and non-nutritive sweetener sachets and vending sugar for the hospitality sector.

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