Clink clink! It’s time to set the table, bring out your finest china, gather the girls and host an exquisite tea party for the queen herself – Mum. Our tasty treats below are just what you need for your Mother’s Day high tea!


With a prep time of only 30 minutes, these dreamy desserts practically make themselves. Huletts Treacle Sugar adds richness to the biscuit crust, while Huletts Castor Sugar gives the filling a melt-in-your-mouth texture. No one can resist these delicious bite-size servings! Learn how to make them here:


Adding a Berry Ice Cream Cake to the festivities is a fun and sweet way to impress your guests. Making an ice cream cake from scratch might be intimidating, but fear not because our berrylicious Ice Cream Cake has only 4 ingredients, takes 25 minutes to prepare, and another 10 minutes to make the berry compote! Follow our simple steps here:, set, and serve. 


Enjoy pure decadence with a pecan-crusted Chocolate Ganache Tart. Add Huletts Molasses to the filling for richness and flavour, and Huletts Castor Sugar to your crust mixture for the perfect, firm yet crumbly texture. Follow our step-by-step instructions here, and serve this tasty tart with a tea of your choice.


As the saying goes – “A party without cake is just a meeting”. Our spectacular White Drip Cake is the centrepiece you need to bring sweetness to any occasion. Top it off with a creamy butter icing made with Huletts Icing Sugar, and treat your guests to this vanilla perfection! Find the full recipe here: 

Have a happy Huletts high tea! Remember to share photos of your delish desserts made with Huletts Sugar. We’d love to see them!