On Thursday, the 18th of April, Tongaat Hulett handed over the newly renovated Mngampondo Community Hall to the wonderful people of Ndlangubo. The hall serves as the heart of the community, hosting various gatherings, cooperative meetings, and special events. However, over time, its condition has deteriorated, especially in the last two years due to heavy rains, which left windows broken, walls cracked, and the roof damaged. With a commitment to bettering the community, Tongaat Hulett stepped in and invested over R300,000 towards the renovation of the Community Hall.

This initiative is just one of many in our long-standing relationship with the community. In 2014/15, Tongaat Hulett partnered with the Mngampondo co-operative, located in Ndlangubo under the leadership of Inkosi Biyela. Mngampondo is one of the many cooperatives supported under the communal leasehold model within Tongaat Hulett, with the aim of revitalising areas that were previously farmed but have fallen out of sugarcane production. Our commitment to growing a sweet future, however, is not only limited to Mngampondo and the community of Ndlangubo. Recognising the struggle of poverty, unemployment, and social collapse that other rural communities face, Tongaat Hulett distributed R2.9 million for community-based projects in the recent gross annual rental distribution.

As we cut the ribbon and celebrated the transformation of this vital space, community leaders and stakeholders shared a few words of encouragement. Highlighting the importance of community cooperation, SED Manager, Miss Snethemba Kunene, emphasised the need for communities to work collectively in cooperatives to find long-lasting solutions to social and economic challenges. 

Mduduzeni Shobede, Chairperson of the Mngampondo co-operative, expressed gratitude for the project’s impact on improving the social and economic well-being of the community. He noted that the labour-intensive work that goes into sugarcane production is highly appreciated, and noted how it has provided employment opportunities, particularly during the weeding and harvesting stages. 

Inkosi Biyela also commended the progress of the project and cooperation between Huletts and the community, emphasising the increase in cooperative members and the positive changes in their lives. 

Here’s to many more initiatives that help us grow a sweet future.