(Let’s have something sweet)

Diwali, the festival of lights! This religious festival signifies the victory of good over evil and the triumph of light over darkness. Many will be dressed in their traditional attire and will conduct special prayers to observe this religious day. It is celebrated with family and friends and it is the time to reflect, show kindness, forgiveness and sharing.

It is also the perfect occasion to indulge! By now, our Hindu community is planning and preparing to create sweet treats for the celebration. Traditionally, these treats are shared with family, friends and neighbours, creating cheer and joy.

Of all these delights, our favourite three are Gulab Jamun, Caramel Chip Cookies, and Chai Cookies. Here’s why…

Gulab Jamun is the life of all celebrations, especially Diwali. This deep-fried, milk-solid based sweet treat is a festival of delights! The secret’s in the syrup – made with Huletts Castor Sugar.
Here’s how you make Gulab Jamun

Our Caramel Chip Cookies are a hit with friends and family! To add an extra scrumptious dimension, we have dipped them in decadent chocolate and, of course, prepared them with Huletts White Sugar.

Make the best Caramel Chip Cookies

Chai Cookies are one of the most delicious treats to help you celebrate Diwali and acknowledge the ones you love. Huletts Castor Sugar and Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar are at the heart of what makes this particular recipe so delightful. The receiver’s smile will say “Thank you” and their eyes will say, “MORE!”

Make your own Chai Cookies

We would love to see your family and friends enjoying your specially prepared Diwali treats. So please feel free to share your delicious bakes with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to tag us and use #HulettsDiwaliTreats.