Huletts EquiSweet is a low-kilojoule sugar alternative sweetener with no bitter aftertaste. If you’re on a journey to fitness or are looking to follow a healthy balanced lifestyle, then you’ll love the fact that with Huletts EquiSweet, you can still enjoy those delicious treats without increasing the kilojoules in your diet or compromising on taste.

Eating light and refreshing meals helps us cool down in the summertime and our recipes will help you breeze through the heat. 

First up is our Loaded Chicken Salad. It has all the ingredients you love from a classic chicken salad but is loaded with extra good stuff like avocado, seeds, and our sweet and sour dressing, powered up with the goodness of #HulettsEquiSweetSucralose

Try the recipe here: Loaded Chicken Salad

Nothing says “Summer treat” quite like an icy sorbet. Our Strawberry Sorbet is the ultimate refresher! Strawberries, #HulettsEquiSweetClassic, an egg white, some yoghurt and berries to serve – that’s all it takes! 

Try the recipe here: Strawberry Sorbet

There’s no need to compromise on taste for dessert or a divine “anytime” treat. Try our Granadilla Fridge Tart with homemade condensed milk which is packed with refreshing, fruity flavours and uses #HulettsEquiSweetErythritol (suitable for diabetics).

Try the recipe here: Granadilla Fridge Tart

Along with a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle, Huletts EquiSweet is suitable for diabetics and slimmers!

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