From food security to empowering the youth our commitment to growing a sweet future in the communities we operate in, knows no bounds.  We’ve recently celebrated two groundbreaking milestones, our investment of R150 000 in the heart of Macekane, and our prestigious nomination at the AgriSETA Stakeholder Excellence Awards. 

Under the wise guidance of Inkosi Mzimela, Tongaat Hulett proudly took a groundbreaking step in community development. With the dedicated investment, we are creating a vegetable garden that not only promises a sustainable food supply but also symbolises our commitment to #GrowingASweetFuture. This initiative is more than just about planting seeds; it’s about cultivating change, nourishing dreams, and fostering a brighter tomorrow. The 14 active members, including 13 remarkable women and one dedicated man, form a cooperative that will not only benefit from the harvest but actively contribute to the success of this food security project. Khuselimvelo Farming, our invaluable partner, has played a pivotal role in setting up crucial infrastructure and providing essential training. Their expertise ensures that the cooperative is empowered to manage the project efficiently, making the entire process a community-driven success.

Tongaat Hulett took centre stage at the AgriSeta Stakeholder Excellence Awards 2023, marking a momentous occasion in our journey of community empowerment. We’ve forged a decade-long alliance with AgriSETA, to integrate students seamlessly into the workforce, creating successful skills development programs within our company. This year, our Socio-Economic Development unit took the limelight, earning a well-deserved nomination that resonates with our commitment to making a positive social impact. Our food security project in Obanjeni received the runner-up position in the prestigious category of Best Project Targeting Women and Youth. As we stand on this podium of recognition, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every individual that has contributed to this remarkable journey. The sweet taste of success is not just ours; it belongs to the resilient women and men, the vibrant youth, and every stakeholder who has been part of our collective effort.

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, Tongaat Hulett came together to celebrate the elderly residents of Matikulu. Partnering with local traditional council leaders, we identified 100 deserving beneficiaries, all aged 75 and above, in the Matikulu cane-catchment area. The packs were filled with blankets, sugar, rice, biscuits and more. Under the leadership of Inkosi Mathaba–Macambini, Inkosi Khoza, Inkosi Mhlongo–Skhonyana, and Inkosi Nzuza, Tongaat Hulett proudly handed over the carefully crafted packs to the elders. This Madala Day celebration was one of many initiatives that highlight our commitment to recognising and celebrating the communities surrounding our operations.

Stay tuned as we share more of our inspiring stories. Together, let’s make Macekane 2 a symbol of hope, growth, and let our awards be the reminder of the sweet promise of a better future.