A new year calls for new lunchtime treats! From our Brown Sugar Crusted Blueberry Muffins to our tropical Pineapple and Chicken Kebabs, Rice Krispy Peanut Butter Treats, and delicious milkshakes, we have scrumptious recipes that will have your loved ones doing a lunchtime happy dance.


For a little crunch and sweetness, try these Rice Krispie Treats. Huletts Golden Syrup and peanut butter hold the cereal together, creating bite-sized delights. Decorate with sesame seeds and 100s and 1,000s for an extra pop of colour and texture. Find the recipe for these sweet treats here.


Spice up lunchtime with these kebabs. Marinated in a blend of ginger, chicken spice, curry powder, chutney, and Huletts Maple Syrup, these skewers are packed with flavour. A colourful mix of chicken, pineapple, peppers, and onions makes each bite an adventure. Full recipe available here.


When you need something scrumptious to beat the heat, try our milkshakes which blends vanilla ice cream, milk, flavouring, and a touch of Huletts Golden Syrup to create a creamy, dreamy shake! Top it with whipped cream, smarties, and sprinkles for a sip-worthy finish. Insider tip: this one is for mums too!
See the full recipe here.


A freshly baked blueberry muffin is a delightful surprise that turns an ordinary lunch break into a moment of pure joy. These  muffins, crusted with the sweetness of Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar, a burst of juicy blueberries, the crunch of pecans and a hint of mixed spice, taste like a hug from home. Learn how to make this lunchtime treat here.

Each of these easy-to-make treats carry the essence of homemade love and the unforgettable sweetness of Huletts. Here’s to many more lunch times filled with delightful surprises, made with kindness.

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