If you had to ask us to describe a South African Christmas, we’d tell you it’s a big deal! And with big deals come big fuss and big planning. With this in mind, we’ve curated the ultimate Christmas menu, from starters to dessert – which may help ease the jitters of what to prepare for loved ones.

Although it may seem as if the whole day revolves around one meal, anyone who’s hosted a Christmas party can tell you that one or two festive starters come in handy.

For a quick and easy first option, try our Chicken and Pineapple Kebab platter! Perfect for warm days, when you need light and refreshing finger food.

Try the recipe here: https://www.hulettssugar.co.za/recipe/chicken-and-pineapple-kebabs/

Our Braai Snoek is another ideal starter option (or addition) for a busy day like Christmas. It’s an easy-to-prepare appetizer that will fill guests until the main dish is ready. 

Try the recipe here: https://www.hulettssugar.co.za/recipe/braaied-snoek/

When it comes to the main dish of the day, we say Festive Beef Wellington is the perfect showstopper. Give your family a taste of old-school English cuisine and the ultimate comfort meal with a perfectly roasted fillet, wrapped in pastry and all the holiday flavours!

Pro Tip: Try pairing this dish with a light side like a green salad. 

Try the recipe here: https://www.hulettssugar.co.za/recipe/festive-beef-wellington/

Make the day even merrier with a smooth Red Velvet Cake, topped with sugar-dipped raspberries and rosemary fronds, that create a festive wreath!

Recipe: https://www.hulettssugar.co.za/recipe/red-velvet-festive-cake/

(And) Or try scoops of this super-easy, homemade Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream! YUM!

Recipe: https://www.hulettssugar.co.za/recipe/strawberry-ripple-ice-cream/

May these sweet recipes bring you and your family holiday happiness and sweet memories!