As warmer days start to settle in, serve up a trio of delectable delights that will excite your taste buds. Our Steamed Asian Buns and Gluten-free Vegan Doughnuts are made with Huletts Xylitol and Erythritol, while our Vegetarian Rainbow Rice Wraps are packed with wholesome ingredients for those exploring meat-free options. Here are sweeter, healthier ways to enjoy your favourite springtime delights.

Rainbow Wraps

Vegetarian Rainbow Rice Wraps

Win over your meat-free friends and family with our Vegetarian Rainbow Rice Wraps. Roll up your sleeves, and mix crisp lettuce, vibrant julienne vegetables, creamy feta cheese, and perfectly ripe avocado together to create a medley of textures and flavours. Dip into our Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar sauce and enjoy! Full recipe available here:

Asian Steamed Buns

Asian Steamed Buns

Soft, light steamed buns and savoury fillings, made with our low GI Huletts Xylitol, are a match made in heaven. Fill them with anything from pressure-cooked braised pork belly to Chinese char siu. Full recipe available here:

Gluten-free Vegan Doughnuts

Teatime treat

Our Gluten-free Vegan Doughnuts are sweetened with Huletts Erythritol, a great-tasting sugar substitute that is low in kilojoules. Bake to a golden perfection and top with your choice of white or dark vegan chocolate! Full recipe available here:

With Huletts EquiSweet sweeteners by your side, enjoy fewer kilojoules and stay committed to your well-being. Treat yourself to happy cooking, and even happier eating!